Continous Infectious
Microbial Reduction

Mighty clean air

Residential, Commercial, Medical, Mold

Protecting indoor air against disease transference & other airborne threats

As part of a clean air defense solution, CIMR pathogen scavenging technology continuously and safely protects against virus, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens to reduce disease transference by protecting all building occupants in safe and sanitized air.



& Small business

At home and in your small business, protect your loved ones and valued customers with CIMR scavenging technology which tracks down and eliminates virus, bacteria, mold, odors, and other pathogens. 


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CIMR technology continuously and safely guards building occupants with a low dose hydrogen peroxide gas that reduces or eliminates disease transference and other health impacts in 'Shared Air' to accelerate economic recovery.


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CIMR, as part of a multi-layered approach to sanitizing shared air in healthcare infrastructure, protects healthcare workers, patients, residents and visitors in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, and other healthcare facilities. It is proven to reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), and to eliminate virus, bacteria, mold and other pathogens in disease battlefields. 


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Flood water infiltration very often causes mold, bacteria, odor and other health risks in homes and businesses. CIMR safe and effective scavenging technology permeates anywhere air can reach (including behind walls) to eliminate pathogens. CIMR restores walls, carpets, furniture, pictures, papers, and other personal belongings resulting in less time out of a property and savings of 35 to 75% over traditional repairs.  

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“A Multi-Layered Air Defense Model to Protect Shared Air In Critical Infrastructure Sectors”  

A Report By Auburn University’s McCrary Institute, Air University, Introduction and Contribution by General P.K. Carlton, MD, AirForce Surgeon General (retired) July 2020

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