CIMR™ Infection Control Technology can safeguard any government location against contamination by Pandemic Flu and greatly limit its potential spread through the employee population. Some users of hydrogen peroxide gas technology have reported significant drops in absenteeism and far fewer incidences of common communicable illnesses among protected employee populations. CIMR™ Infection Control Technology may provide a tangible Return on Investment in as little as one year in the form of decreased employee absenteeism and increased productivity.

CIMR™ Infection Control Technology is an ozone-free process that is safe to use in employee-occupied spaces. It works by continuously producing a very low concentration of hydrogen peroxide gas from oxygen and water vapor already in the air, then disseminating it into the protected facility. The hydrogen peroxide gas first sanitizes the air ducts, then sanitizes the air and exposed surfaces in the protected area, and over time diffuses into every crack and crevice that air can penetrate, killing microbes in places that other processes cannot reach. Once installed, CIMR™ Infection Control Technology not only remediates existing contamination and limits the spread of newly introduced infectious microbes, it also safeguards against contamination by Bio-Terrorism delivery systems, by immediately and continuously acting to disinfect any infectious biological material upon its release.

CIMR™ Infection Control Technology is versatile and available in several designs that can fit into virtually any air supply system or available space. CIMR™ Infection Control Technology is not only safe to use in employee-occupied spaces, but it can also be used to protect building air intakes in a Catch and Kill mode. CIMR™ systems used in a Catch and Kill mode are superior to comparable UVGI systems for a number of reasons. CIMR™ units require less space and can be installed in any intake plenum that has at least two and a half feet of clearance in front of the filter array.

Also, CIMR™ arrays require fewer units than UVGI Catch and Kill systems and use less power.

Most importantly, though, the hydrogen peroxide gas produced by CIMR™ units is electro-statically attracted to microbes and can penetrate into the filter to disinfect any microbes that may make it past the surface of the filter, providing a much longer effective residence time in which to operate. This is superior to UVGI radiation, which is not drawn directly to the microbes, cannot penetrate deeply into filters, and which must have very high intensities to ensure that UVGI photons do not miss microbes passing through the system.

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