CIMRtech is changing the lives of families by radically improving in home air quality, helping business owners create healthy workplaces, making hospital sanitization better and assisting in environmental cleanup that is eco-friendly. 

We're more than our biotechnology. We're a company that has committed to improving our world one home, business and contaminated environment at a time. Not only are we committed to the people we serve, we're committed to the success and growth of our partners. When you join us here at CIMRtech, you will be given the opportunity to come alongside us as we serve our communities and the world as well as having the doors opened to your own success. We're changing lives and we want you to help us change the world. 

Independent Sales Representatives

As an ISR you will be actively selling CIMR to residences and businesses in your community. You will be paired with a District Sales Director who will train you in sales as well as product knowledge. We are delighted and prepared to give you the support you need to be a successful representative for CIMRtech and for your future. 

An ISR is not an employee of CIMRtech. You will be considered an independent contractor and will operate as your own entity. However, we are here to support you in training and want to offer assistance so you can reach your fullest potential as an ISR. Additionally, we will not be providing leads, but we will coach you on finding your own lead generators and unique sources for warm leads.   

We expect our Independent Sales Representatives to be people of integrity, having strong work ethic, men and women who are self motivated, inclined towards salesmanship and are team players with the desire to not only sell, but to better the lives of others and improve the quality of living in their communities. We also welcome individuals with creative minds who are innovators, problem solvers and who bring their unique gifts and talents to CIMRtech. We want to cultivate what makes you unique to make you more successful in your goals and in our aim to make the world a better place. 

Additional Benefits of Working for CIMRtech

  • Competitive Sales Commissions

  • Opportunities for Advancement 

  • Bonuses 

  • Investment Opportunities

If you think you have the skills to be an ISR with us and you have the desire to better your community, please send your resume to:



Lead Generation Specialist

Perhaps you see the exciting opportunities with CIMRtech and want to be involved in bringing our technology to your community, but you already run a successful business? It may be that you know a lot of people, but you just don't have the time to devote to a new career. We know you want to change the lives of people in your community and we have a place for you at CIMRtech. 

Our Independent Sales Representatives are in need of quality Lead Generation Specialists. Whether you're a remediator, HVAC technician, real estate agent or maybe you just have a large circle of contacts, you can be a successful LGS earning a commission for providing warm leads to our ISRs when they become sales.  You will be the front line in our mission to better the world by actively bringing our technology and company to the customer. 

We expect our Lead Generation Specialists to embody the same qualities we expect from our Independent Sales Representatives and for you and your business to be in good reputable standing in the community. As with our ISRs, you will not be an employee of CIMRtech, but will be considered an independent contractor working under your current business. Our Lead Generation Specialists will develop relationships with our Independent Sales Representatives and communicate with them directly when they have a warm lead. You will receive training in product knowledge and warm lead development and we're prepared to help you develop the best methods for success specific to your industry. 

If this describes you and you're interested in earning additional income, please send your resume and business information to:


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